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pepakura files for ironman Answered

hi im new to this hobby but im wanting to learn all that i can in this art form. im searching for a file for an iron-man mark 2, 3, 4,5, 6, or even 7 but mostly i want to get mark 2, 3, 4, or 6. can anyone help me find a file. also finding out how to size the file to the correct body size will be helpful as well.
thank you for reading


i an give you the site to get the mark 3 suit and the iron patriot suit. iron patriot- http://developsandin.se/pepakura/index.php?id=99 iron man mark 3 - http://www.4shared.com/get/c4O8Zqr6/IronManMk3_Final.html


 would think adjusting the image size with your printer settings may be the easiest to rescale the print for your size since you may only have the free pepakura viewer.  That would be mostly trial and error or just cutting up the printed shapes to fit.  Good luck.

But I can't download the file from home I have to get a friend of mine to find the software and get the file but idk what's a good site to get a pep file for ironman mark 4 suit and helmet. And when I can get the right link I can have it on a disk and take it to kinkos to have them print it out on card stock

But I would rather work with the paper and not the foam bc I don't know anything about how it is or on how different they are. Could you help me get a full suit with helmet (of course) of the mark 4suit in pepakura paper file bc I have to take the file to a shop to print it off.

The foam guy has a whole bunch of his youtube tutorials on the entire process linked on that page. Learn.

Well I will look into it then, but I might have found a good templet for the helmet. Iv herd that the size of the helmet is so posed to be snug but I want to add servos in mine and some padding do if so I get hit with it on or on a dirt bike I don't take the impact as much so I was trying to get like a size bigger or even two sizes to get the padding I want without going too overboard