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perpetual energy Answered

i conceived an idea during my physics class in 1997 that having a perpetual energy is possible.
i am currently working on it with the little funds i have which will take some time to complete and try it


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

If you can think of how to use it geothermal heating is 300% efficient that is you put 1000 watts in you get 3000 watts heat out.

However generators are about 60% efficient.

So you need about 1700 watts to make 1000 watts.

So how efficiently can you convert heat to electricity or mechanical force?

It is why pertiual motion is so elusive you cannot create what is not there.
Even in geothermal heating the kinetic energy was there you just expended energy to move it.

I understand that perfectly well, I was just surprised about the taken to move the heat energy, though on thinking it's fraught with losses along the way...

It is more energy expended to control the manipulation of energy.

And since the energy expended to control the manipulation of energy already existed, you created nothing and expended nothing because it still exists after you have done what you did and do.

I know it is a brain F.

Under ideal conditions it works however the real world isn’t ideal that’s why we have plane crashes.

I already said I understood that energy can't be created - even with the obvious losses (efficient transfer and conversion of energy) it's a lot of loss... Though still good gains overall if you can make it work on a large scale...


5 years ago

I made perpetual internet the other week... Does it work anything like this?


5 years ago

Go back to your physics class and pay attention this time. Focus on the laws of thermal dynamics and you'll see why there is no such thing as perpetual energy, over unity or any kind of free energy.

Kitemancleanenergy bostile

Reply 5 years ago

If you want to keep it a secret, don't post about it!

You've heard about all those people murdered to keep the 100mpg carbureter secret? Now they're going to be after you!

Rolls eyes at yet another woowoo post...