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phone covers by the thousands------------What can I do with them? Answered

We have phone covers in a variety of colours -------leather pouches with a clear insert and also plastic clip on covers in a multitude of patterns. Our kids insist they are too dated now, but I hate to throw anything away. We inherited them when we repossessed a shop and cant even give them away !


Market them as New and improved mouse pouches to keep your pet mouse portable and Styling. This way you will make millions.

Can you show us some pictures? We might be able to come up with more ideas if we can have a little look. It might be smartest to sell the whole thing as a lot on Ebay or offer them on Craigslist. You probably won't get much for them, if anything, but they'll be out of your hands and possibly saved from the trash.

String them together to make a curtain/wall of covers. Call it art and sell it for thousands.

well with the plastic clip on ones you could remove the clip so you would be able to use it to clip other things on to your belt. or, you could save them all and then you would have replacements by the thousands