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photo editing while publishing instructables Answered

this isnt really directed at anyone, but i think when your making an instructable you should be able to edit a photo you have already uploaded. nothing major, maybe rotate, flip, crop, contrast, sharpen stuff like that. i was just thinking out loud.....


i think rotation and cropping would be good, you could always throw in a few touches like B&W and a simple contrast/sharpeness up feature, that goes in degrees click once it goes up then again and so on, allowing for resonably good adjustment without large amounts of backend work. Also instead of undo using a previewing function before final changes are saved like in mobiles, that way you never need to store a whole new image or undo steps....

You said that one twice! Oh, and... for-surely! (made up word!)

Actually the site just had a spaz attack... Indeedably...

Yeah, back a few years I did very similar things in JScript. The classes are pretty standard to use.

I've been thinking of doing something like that using greasemonkey & a pythonic backend. Haven't got around to it.