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photoresistor Answered

hey!!i started working on a project based on ldr and i realised dc motor and ldrs don't work together so before i buy ac motors i wanted to ask that will it work??thanks in advance.



thanks for the reply.i want to turn motor on and off.can you please provide me with the schematic.

If you think about something like

DC+ -- LDR -- motor -- DC-

That wont work. The LDR is not made to handle the high
currents a motor will need. Doesn't matter if you switch to AC.

You'll need some kind of driver stage. At least a transistor or
even an operational amplifier.

What do want to do? Just switch the motor on and off or
do you want a kind of linear speed control?

hey CAITLINSDAD thankyou for the reply.i'm getting about 4-4.5v.and no its a very simple circuit.I'm not using a microcontroller.

How much output are you getting from the photoresistor? Are you using it with a microprocessor?