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photos uploading sideways? Answered

I have uploaded my photos to my 'ible, "10 minute tutu" but some of the photos come in sideways, some upside-down. I cannot figure out how to rotate them once uploaded. I have reuploaded them and found the same problem. They are all rotated the correctly on my desktop and iPhoto. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I know this question was asked years ago, but the answer was really helpful to me, and I believe I've discovered another answer for anyone else who reads this, whenever a photo has been edited it stays right side up, but otherwise it doesn't. That would explain why rotating it before inserting the photo worked for you guys here. Cropping the photo works too.

On a Windows machine, use your file manager to look at thumbnails of the images. If any need rotating, right-click on them, and select either "rotate clockwise" or "rotate anticlockwise" as required.

Somebody else will have to help you with a Mac, but it might help if you mentioned what you took the pictures with.

Ugh, I'm on a mac. Thanks so much kiteman! I took the images with my galaxy phone, downloaded them on to my desktop with kies, and then uploaded. They are the correct orientation everywhere except instructables. Also, I can't edit slideshows through the app on the phone directly.

OK, so I found a Mac user to ask. They said;

"I've had this happen.they look right on my computer but not when uploaded. What I do is on the computer rotate them the wrong way then the right way, then save and upload. That usually works for me."

Hope that helps.

AAAA!!!! Kiteman, you're a magician!!!! Top-notch work as always!!!! also, SOOO happy to see you're still an active part of the community (I was away for a few years!)

And a quote from The Management;

The new editor's photo rotator is awesome.  And it crops!  And slices and dices!

(I'm not sure whether she's been spending too long in the Test Kitchen...)