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physics mini potato spud gun homework help Answered

im a grade 11 n i need to write an essay about mini spud gun, but i dun reli understand the physics theory behind it? i search it thr the internet n is now more confused? which one(s) of these is it involved with?>> Projectile Motion Newton's 1st Law of Motion: Inertia Newtons 2nd Law of Force and Acceleration Newton's 3rd Law of Motioin: Action and Reaction Momentum Energy he Boyle Law or the Kinetic Theory of Gases?? why? thanks so much! im not askin like for ppl to do my hw, i juz wanted to know which one of those is a potato gun involved wif.thanks!



1st - physics - complete circuit, high voltage arcs the spark gap, creates a hot-spot.

2nd - chemistry - hot-spot triggers combustion. Rapid exothermic reaction between fuel and oxygen produces a mixture of high-temperature gaseous oxides (CO2 , steam etc)

3rd - physics - the high-temp gases cause pressure within the combustion chamber. The forces are balanced across the chamber, where the sides are fixed (though may flex slightly). The forces are unbalance along the chamber because the spud can move. The spud and the gun gain equal amounts of momentum in opposite directions, but the greater mass of the gun means its velocity is lower. The acceleration of the spud effectively stops when it leaves the barrel, as the expanding gases are able to disperse sideways.

From that moment, the potato is ballistic -subject only to gravity and air-resistance.

well I'm in 8th grade, so take it with your own will. Well the patatoe stays in the gun because it's not being act apon by any force. Whenever you pull the trigger you explode the gas causing the gasses to expand, shooting the patatoe. The recoil of the gun is the opposite reaction. The patato keeps flying because of inertia