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piece list for vertical vengance? Answered

im just wondering so i know if i get my moneys worth thanks


If you go here you can download the full instructions as a pdf file for the price of $0.00(it's free) the parts list is there too

you can then print it off onto paper It's 120 pages but you only need up to 113.
hope this helps

are you sure cos i found a set and it loocked like normal knex cos it was the normal colours

I know it has 1375 parts, all miniknex except for 2-3 pieces at the motor and gears. You can see its mini knex because the track is directly connected to the frame (without those small to big rods), and the track can only be connected to mini knex. So yea if you are looking for alot of mini knex this whould be a good deal i guess. Anyways, i whould get the Serpents spiral over this one.. that frame is made of fragile.

can you explain little more please?

he wants to know what pieces come with the Knex roller coaster: "Vertical Vengance".