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piezos Answered

What is a good place to find piezos? I know I can find them in some old computers and cheap toys with "sirens" in them. What other devices readily have piezos installed? (....and please spare me the sarcastic answers about finding them at Radioshack)



10 years ago

Are you looking for actual piezos, or just small sound-generating-like things? a lot of the things that look like piezos turn out to be electromagnetic "buzzers" (which are quite different electrically.) Piezos tend to have a single frequency at which they work much better than any other frequency, while the EM buzzers have a wider tonal range... Fast food toys that generate "beeps" have had actual piezos in them. At one time I bought a dozen (?) bare disks from an eBay seller. The alarms on many wristwatches are piezos. If you have a calculator with auditory feedback of keypresses, that probably has a piezo. In addition to greeting cards, we've gotten "singing" balloons that might have piezos. "Personal alarms" have piezo sounders quite similar to smoke alarms. I think most cell phones have EM sounders, though.

Older phones may have piezo but now they all have 'proper' speakers... If you want them for picking stuff up as a mic a greetings card would probably be a handy bet, maybe a smoke alarm, it would probably produce higher peak to peak voltages but it may be harder to get to move and pick up the sounds

Taking apart a smoke alarm is never normally suggested due to the radioactive americium ioniser inside it so if you go for the speaker just locate it and remove it, don't spend too much time knocking about or you might affect the (americium) element

It's not particularly dangerous, as long as you don't eat it... The alpha particles literally can't get through thick smoke, that's how the alarm works, try using a a sheet of paper if you're owrried, just put it in a cardboard box or sheet of paper over the top...

Some people quite like to put things in there mouth, or handle them innapropriately, i was just saying the risk is there.

Good point... Some people are that way inclined, hopefully the packaging should foil them...

How about cheap talking toys like those found in Walgreens and such?

Some sound decently good.....

The chicken doing the chicken dance....I love that one!

Cheap talking toys generally have small speakers in them, I've taken apart enough to find that out...


10 years ago

Smoke detector - for a really, obnoxiously loud one.

I assume the little greeting card speakers are piezo's as well.

Tweeters on cheap stereo systems.

Are you aiming for loud, or flat/small?

I assume the little greeting card speakers are piezo's as well.

Old ones are. The newer ones that actually play music use very flat speakers. Useful for other things, but not as piezos. The old ones that make obnoxious beeping noises use piezo discs.

flat and small... contact microphones actually

Ah - planning to bug Eric's keyboard? ;-)

. Just about any small device that beeps. Eg, cell phones, the greeting cards that Patrik mentioned, toys, &c;.

well birthday cards, like the 'ible just published... Umm cheapo walkie talkies quite often have them Cheapo Alarm clocks...