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pikmin 3 Answered

yes pikmin 3, every other games forum has one.

I have been informed that pikmin 3 will come out sometime within the future.
i can also say with 60% certainty they will come out with new pikmin colors.
so what do you guys think the new color will be and how much the game is like the other 2?

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And seriously. Why would they put Olimar in SSBB if they weren't gonna make a Pikmin 3???

They put Ice Climbers in SSBM. As well as G&W.; And R.O.B.'s in Brawl. Think they're gonna make another game incorporating some sorta new gen R.O.B.?


10 years ago

Well, it's perfectly possible. But remember that a good amount of it is still up in the air, and the popularity of olimar in SSBB will probably be the determining factor. But we can still hope, right?

Are you kidding?!? Olimar's great in Brawl! I can kill with him! You just don't know how to use him to his full potential.

yea.. you got me.. i suck with him. i'll practice with him :)

But, I think that there's a great chance that pikmin 3 might be comin' up. The super smash bros. series is sortof a test area for certain franchises. Just like ness is used to see if a new Earthbound would be well received, olimar's popularity will be a deciding factor in pikmin's ongoing fanchise.

but earthbound isnt gonna release outside of japan.. i remember somthing on this.. and i hope that pikmin 3 comes out.. in the first pikmin ending, there was numerous onion colors..that leaves room for improvment i hope...there is a dump truck (for lack of better term) load of new ideas for this game.. try google if you wanna see

No, the original earthbound (mother 2) was released in America. I have it. But mothers 1 & 3 weren't. Well, I hope that bulbmin get a bigger role in pikmin 3. I loved those little guys. But yeah, lots of different ideas, black, orange, and the infamous green pikmin.

ive also heard of super-powered ones that are like invincible... but you only get 10. you would only need 1 invincleble pikmin to win the game. other than to carry stuff around

Yeah. The ideas and theories go on and on. Maybe you'll have a new partner, along with louie. I don't know. Only time will tell.

enter the cliche of olimars son, still people can`t come with balanced colors -.-

actually if you looked around on the pikipedia website, you'll find that there was another type of pikmin in Pikmin 2. If you played far enough, you'll find a hole, and inside of that hole there are little bulbmin with pikmin vine thingies comin out there heads. if you kill the big one, you can command the rest. those are actually bubmins that have been infected with a parasitic pikmin!

actually, its a cross beetween a pikmin and bulborb...i see where your coming from though.