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plassuble ? Answered

hey guys i woneer if i can do this at home from  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aQPIK4sE58 this viedo 


Can you produce the huge temperatures and pressures necessary? Can you afford the equipment, and the power to run it?

Let's put it this way: I couldn't.

well a old pressure washer and a old stove might be sufficent

Are you kidding? For a start, a pressure washer uses water, I dont think that would be good with the ashes from the hair. What will you put the ashes in? Nothing at home could contain the heat and pressure that you will need. An old stove wont even provide half the heat that you need for a diamond.
This seems like you are joking.

i took a blind guess also how would i do it then at home

For one thing, you cant do this kind of stuff at home, if you could, then everyone would do it and it would bring down the price of jewels and gems.

To do it at home you would need the stuff in the video, which would cost over 300000, which I don't think is in your allowance


7 years ago

With the telluride catalyst

Definition: A catalyst is a subtance that increases the rate of a chemical
reaction by reducing the activation energy,
but which is left unchanged by the reaction.

Examples: A piece of platinum foil is a catalyst for the combustion of methane in air.

Telluride is a necessary catalyst for the formation of diamond from cabon.

Your question was meant to be the one-worder "Plausible?"

What do you think about this - have you got the space and money for a start?


About half a megabuck as a starting point, at a guess.

This isn't commonly available stuff. EXTREMELY unlikely.