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plaster that shrinks? Answered

this is a goal. It is easy to sculpture on bigger scale and make mold from plaster or some other material that shrinks ABOUT 30%. After that I made new mold and or shrink again or use it as a mold for final product. Do you have any material like this - plaster, maybe, somematerial that shrinkswhile drying?


shrinkydink (sp ?)

There are specialty materials that will shrink that much, usually by some kind of dehydration, but there are errors that occur because of uneven shrinkage.


7 years ago

I really appreciate your answers, but taking in consideration that I was not grown in this country, so many products you talk about are not known for me and you already used your time to help me, why just not extent that time and give me more information, so I know where to start from. Like shrinky dink, I have no idea what is it, even after doing Google search, and also have no idea about pantograph carving, where you can buy it, is there professional and hobby version and write all this words that person that came from another continent can find it helpful. So far , after you wasted your, probably precious time, I still do not know what to do. I didn't say in beginning, but I bought one of those kits that you dunk your hand and in cavity afterwards, you pour some form of plaster of Paris(at list it looked to me as plaster) and after few months, I forgot about that and found model after 2-3 month and model was detailed but 30% smaller. The problem is I do not know what material is this.
Thanks to everybody

Finding something that shrinks that much without distorting/cracking is going to be tough. A better answer might be pantographic carving.

Seconded. Shrinkage is to be expected from a LOT of molding materials, but shrinking while maintaining details will be very very difficult.

Coins are made with pantographic carving. As for whether this would work with a fully 3d model with undercuts would be difficultt to determine.