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play Walkman through TV ??? Answered

Is there a way that I can play my WALKMAN through my TV or DVD/HDD Player. Can anyone help Pls.??




Best Answer 8 years ago

 You'll need a cable. It's called a "1/8" stereo mini plug to dual RCA plugs." They have them at The Shack, Fry's and Best Buy for under $5.00. It converts your headphone output to the plugs that are in the back (possibly in front too) of your TV. This assumes your TV is modern enough to have them. If it does, there will be three in a row. A Red, a White and a Yellow. The yellow is for video input. The Red and White are audio. Red is the Right Channel.


8 years ago

If your tv has an accessory in jack then adapt your walkman to that.

Then the next choice would be to adapt your walkman to a mono rca jack and plug into the sound input to the tv if you have one.  That's one of the three rca jacks that you would plug your dvd player into.