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please give me project ideas on solar panel & solar cells for exhibition project. Answered

Please give me ideas &procedure to construct a solar panel & solar cell which can produce more electricity. Tell me how it works and also give me list of necessary parts required for construction with circuit diagram. Also tell me where can i get those parts easily & also tell me alternative methods and alternative parts that can be used.Please respond with your ideas immediately so that i can construct it effectively for my exhibition.


Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive!
Fact: It will take you more than 10 years to pay back
Solution: Using Surplus Solar Cells You can get pay back in 1-2 years
There is an Engineer from Chicago his name is John Sommer
He explain it All in his diy solar panels Blog Search for him using Google
Type "top diy solar panels" Open the first Result.
Note: Ignore the adds at the top.

If I'm going to do all of that then I'll just exhibit it myself and take all of the credit for myself.

If you'll come up with a idea and some sort of plan to implement it, you'll learn all you need to explain how it works and when you hit rough spots along the way you can come back here and get lots of answers to get you started again.

Woh!  What a fantastic site.  I think they have the whole project there.

Man, this is a quality example of "Please do my job for me". Have you any ideas of your own?


Look over to the right of the page.  There's a great place to start.