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XBOX 360 Hard drive gaming - boot disk help Answered

I have this idea, but i want to know if its possible I have a home network of 2 tvs and do just did my xbox 360 update that enables you to copy your games to your hdd. I want to play network in my house on 2 tvs. But only have one disk So with the new software update, you can copy the games on your hdd, but cant play without the disc in your drive. No i know you can force open the drive and do it that way..but in long term it cant be good for your machine. So, i know there is a code on each disc and it picks up that code saying the disk is in the drive. Now my question is...... I want to explore my disc, and copy that code, and put it on a flashdrive or dvd and insert it, so that my one machine will think its the disk becasue i copied it to it, and my other machine i can play the original from. please help if somone know how to get that code..thanx in advance I also tried manually opening the drive while the dis is loaded and the game is on, does not work, as soon as you open it the lazer starts reading the disk. I do not want to chip my box, so i thought maybe there is a pc way of grabbing that code or some files needed to read the disk as a security check, and burn it on to dvd, the question is just..which ones. Another Question: Why do i have on my new desktop only 2 topics..welcome and my xbox. Other people have so many other options. Yes i do not have live, but will this only visible when live is on? Further on..when i put my disc in the drive..i do not get a nice image as what is now currently in my tray...just a stupid cd and the name below it... how do those people get the say call of duty 4 logo ect on it



i have an arcade xbox 360 I bought it around february 2010 , than i’ve sent my xbox for an update/flashed (or what ever you guys call it) on october 2010 at the game shop . then after the updated whenever i want to play games like black ops , modern warfare 2 , etc . i have to use this what they call ‘boot disc’ . then on november 19/2011 i’ve sent my xbox again for a new update and my dashboard is 2.0.13599 . I just wanna ask is it safe for me to play online using my xbox ? (and sorry for my bad english)

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There are two levels of Xbox Live, Gold and Silver. Gold is the one you have to pay for, that lets you play online and stuff, but Silver is free. So just connect your Xbox to the intarweb and create an Xbox Live Silver account, and you can get updates for your games and the system itself. You can also buy things and get demos from Marketplace with Silver.

Errr, this was for if you need an update for your system. I kinda forgot why I wrote this... :S

hmm i think im gonna flash the dvd firmware of my one xbox. I fixed its ring of death so i might as well do that too. Then i can make copies of my games and play with the original in my new xbox (not openend) and burned disks on my other xbox. But there are so many modding ways to do it, just wonder which one is the best one that one could use.

First off, the reason you don't get all that other stuff is because you don't have live.

Also, the XBOX reads dual-layered DVD's, so unless you have some of those, you won't be able to do anything, afaik.

please help me, even if you guys can assist me on the minor stuff its still helpfull

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Essentially, you need two discs. The amount of time, and money spent doing this. I would just buy two copies.. perhaps a second hand one, if its taking the data from the hdd, it does not matter as much about the disc quality.