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please help me! I need something awesome for my mom's surprise bday party? Answered

I planned a surprise bday party for my mom and her friends are buying her a cake. I told them that I will prepare something for her and her friends as well. Originally I thought I would make some cupcakes, but I think there might be too many people. Any ideas? doesn't have to be limited to food. Many thanks!!


Prepare a video as a surprise, it should includes all the funny time you shared with your mom. She will be very happy if she watched this.

cvianna1 has a point. I mean before deciding on anything, consider your mom's food preferences. Think about her favorite recipes, and if the time and your budget allow it, prepare those foods. Plus, don't forget to create giveaways and souvenirs.

A lot depends on how much time you have to prepare, your mother's age, her interests and your budget... while homemade cupcakes are "sweet", you said you have a cake coming, so something altogether different might have a bigger impact.

The scrapbook Kevinhannan suggested is a great idea, it doesn't have to be paper.. a digital one would be easy to make and there are all kinds of free online apps to do it...

If she is into music, you could create a playlist with songs that express how much she means to you.

You could organize party games that revolve around your mom's aspects, qualities (querks) or anecdotes that her friends are familiar with... guessing games, do you remember when?... who does this remind you of? twenty questions....

if your providing refreshments... fresh fruit salad (especially if its hot where you are) is almost always a hit. Another party success for me is spinach dip. It's real easy to make. Just take powdered ranch dressing, frozen chopped spinach (thawed and drained) and sour cream; mix them together and serve with french bread... these types of refreshments are cheap, easy to serve and won't compete with the cake her friends are bringing.

For a more personal gift..

If your the arty type, you could paint or draw something she could hang in her home... for my Mom's birthday, I once drew a charcoal and chalk life study (seen here last one on the bottom row http://candacevianna.weebly.com/light-and-shadow-chalk-and-charcoal.html )

What ever you make doesn't have to be perfect so long as it is heartfelt... The gifts my own children have made me are all the more endearing because of their imperfections. There is nothing I would change about them and I get all fuzzy every time I look at them... Good luck I know you'll make her day very special.

Origami - have a stab at "1000 cranes".

A "This is your life" scrap book with her family and friends in it.

Make paper-hats?


Tidy your room? :-)

Cupcakes are a really good option decorate them in a personal way.