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please help me out................... Answered

hope u r f9.
we are planning to build a 4 wheeler battery car.
but we need a help for making the chasis.
and wch motor vl b helpfull for us, if it work for 10 min also dn it is also more dn enough for us so kindly help us out of dis.
we r vry new fr al ds.
v r gtng ac motor bt battery is dc wch is used in trucks.
v dnt want 2 use invertor in dt so kindly can u suggest any dc motor n can u help us fr gear system please............... v vl b vry thankfull 2 u if u vl help us out of dat plsssss v r hoping alot frm u sir.


I will have a swat at what I think the question is.

Electric vehicles have a power to weight issue:  Batteries weigh heavy, so to equalise things out the chassis and body should be light. Aluminium tubing - square section is easy to obtain (at a cost), you can join with pop rivets and some sheet aluminium corner fillets.  1.5 to 2mm thickness should be OK.

A chassis can be either a ladder or a space frame. In our racing car we built a space frame  https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-an-electric-racing-car/

The body started out as plastic sheeting similar to that used for signs and then progressed to 1mm thick aluminium sheet.

For a motor Ebay will provide a number of 250 watt or larger 24 volt DC motors at a reasonable cost. With suitable gearing you should be able to get 50 miles at around 30 MPH out of a couple of car batteries. there are lots of other issues. you may find the information here  useful as well.

Do you think you could write that in English, not SMS ? I can't understand the question./

+3 and if he's new how can he control ac motors with so little experience

I thought that I was the only one that could not understand the question.

You're going to need more vowels in order to do engineering.

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Not necessarily. Oblivious ignorance isn't the same as malice :-)