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please i cant get this song... how can i? Answered

i found this song : http://www.esnips.com/ViewDocumentAction.ns;jsessionid=EDD020578F4AE42665E0357A0068896D

but i cant download it.... i used File2HD.com but got no song files: http://file2hd.com/Default.aspx

i have not downloaded any firefox add ons, but im leaning that this is the way to do it any body have a rip off this site or a download site i can get it from (please a direct link to this song)


As Patented said we can't see your link but if you use firefox you could try an addon I use called DownloadHelper it has esnips on the list of sites it works with.

Download audacity, and record from the sound card while the song is playing. It will record the song, and you can export it as almost any file as long as you download the proper attachments.

Generally, if it's hard to download the song that's because the copyright holder wants it to be hard to download. Buy a copy? If you really insist on being a cheapskate, best suggestion I've got is to play it onto tape and then re-record it from there.

We cant see whats in your link we need to sign up to the website