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please send some design of community wood stove? Answered

which ccan cook food upto 50to 60 people i need the design very hurrily?



7 years ago

Thanks. Wiki true! ))

i dont think thats what they asked they asked for plans on how to make it not for what they need

Using plans from Mother Earth News, I built a wood stove from a discarded 50 gallon gas water heater. I have used it for 5 winters so far.

you can find plans for just about anything here, with the added bonus that its all pdf format, and FREE

see what the experts say is greenest for the fireplace
hmmm expert is made up of two latin words Ex meaning out. Spert is a drop of liquid under pressure.
I think I will look elsewhere for my information
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For such a large number of people you might be better off with a BIG pan and cooking pialla or risotto or curry/chilli.
However i you really want big wood stove/oven plans try here

Look for the "bio-energy list server" - it moved today, so avoid the one with "REPP" in the name, look at "TLUD" and "Institutional Rocket Stoves" What kind of fuel have you got ? Long sticks ? Chips ?