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please share with me to make frozen french fries?How to make and preserv so that they not become black? vps Answered


You need to part cook them. Cut and fry (before they go black) but only so they're half-cooked, cool, freeze.


I say blanch by frying - the oil / beef-dripping will help to keep them apart in the frozen state.


With raw, cut produce a mild citric acid solution, (lemon juice) will help reduce blackening (oxidation).  Otherwise, follow Lemonie's advice.

trick is to freeze them very fast, so you need a very cold freezer, set down well below zero. As Lemonie stated, partially cook the fries prior to freezing. Most frozen freid foods are pretty much ready to eat (pretty much, although not technically ready), which is why they "cook" so quickly...you're basically just heating them up and putting the "finishing touch" on them, whether fries,or chicken or fish sticks.