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pls help me with an working model tat can be made in one or two days.below are the given topics on which i need projects Answered

1.climate change      (2)green energy  (3)conservation of energy..  (4)disaster management...  (5)health   (6)food security



1 do your preparation WHEN the task is set.
2. Don't expect others to bale you out of a hole all the time
3. THINK and research
4. Well done on not just giving up but asking for help

Kiteman has already given you an answer - Make a scale so you can prove he ball never gets to the same height.

Yep school's back in. Do a search. If you can't find it on this site try Google.

The easiest is (3) - drop a bouncy ball, and it will never, ever, return to the same height from which you drop it.

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