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plzmake an avatar for me Answered

ok so i need an EPIC avatar. i mean everyone has one. like kiteflyer or whatever the heck his name is. he has and epic(kinda) avatar. i just need one to be like one the experianced ibler's, you know what i mean. well you get the idea of whatto do. just make one that is really cool.



It'll help to know a little about yourself. "Epic" doesn't really do it, and I think the most successful and memorable avatars speak a little to who you are.

OK well im a skyrim geek(Kajhiit is my race) and i like the commando from black ops. well theres a little about myself. you dont need to know everything. just those 2 things

I don't know if this qualifies as "epic", but let me know if you like it or not. :-)


that IS epic thanks for that picture.

You're welcome. Its all yours. :-)

you know since you made it and not me i could put a sword onto it, you know to give it some life

If you want anything modified or added (like a sword), then let me know; otherwise you are free to do whatever you want with it. :-)

oh im fine and how did you make that picture it is awesome :)

I used Photoshop. Its a vector drawing (versus a bitmap).

cool well i tried adding something too the khajiit(i learned a new spelling) i just don't know how to make two pictures into one.

I'm not sure what program you're using, but you'll need your picture to be either a .png file (with a transparent background) OR a photoshop document (.psd) made up of layers; so essentially you have the sword (or whatever you made) without the background. Then open up both images in your graphics program (like photoshop) and you should be able to simply drag-and-drop your image (or photoshop layer(s) above the khajiit picture. As long as its on its own layer, you can adjust its position, size, rotate it, whatever, until you have it where you want it. Then just save a copy of the file as a .jpeg (or .jpg).

As a .jpeg file the two images are essentially merged together.

ok but i dont have photoshop so i can't exactly do all that. and it was layers that i was talking about i really don't know how to get layers on the picture. andif you want to know what i am using google ubuntu

Ah, now *that* is what I was trying to do...

I don't mean to jump into the pool of geniuses here without warning (But it's a little too late) but I think the best avatar comes from something you made yourself. It doesn't have to specifically involve your artistic skills or whatnot, or something you actually created (Thus, I'm doubling back on myself), but more of something that represents you. I dunno if a video game really does it -- but, hey, give it a shot. That just might be your key card to the realm of epic.


5 years ago

Kiteman's avatar is epic because it looks like him. Do you know anyone who could draw a cartoon that looks like you?

I don't think it looks like me...

The "secret" is clarity - there are few colours, in bold blocks, with few small details.

My avatar is not actually based on me - years ago, the BBC had functioning science forums, and the button you clicked to go to them was a small scientist.

I pinched that image as the forums closed, and used that for a while, until I got fed up with the pixelated image of it, and re-drew it in InkScape.

My black and white version was a shock to some people, so there was a flurry of artistic endeavour on the early 'ibles forums, until an actual graphic designer created the version upon which I base all my variations now.

What I believe to be the secret to my avatar's success, apart from the clarity I mentioned above, is consistency. I may tweak the image, depending on current events (while I was in San Francisco, I made the lab coat "tie dyed"), but it is always recognisably me, and has been across the internet, for several years.


If you are going to create your own "epic" avatar, remember several things:

> Make it square.
> Keep the number of colours low.
> Avoid small details (which will disappear in the small thumbnail)
> Keep it uncluttered.

Oh, pardon my assumption! I generally expect avatars to represent some aspect of the way people look, which is often not true.

It's fine - I have used it for so long, and used "Kiteman" for so long, that people are genuinely surprised to see the real me, and, even face to face, call me "Kiteman" as if it were my real name.

That last bit doesn't surprise me at all... it's the same with BookCrossing members and folks in the hacker scene, we call each other by our nicknames... so I'm used to that. I may even call my partner by his nickname every now and then.

Personally, I do look a lot like my avatar.

I think your avatar is really CUTE (IMHO)

Really ? *blush* I did not mean then to sound forward with my last comment.

It's okay. You didn't.

GEE I hope not LOL

Five minutes in InkScape and Photoshop...

(I drew over an image grabbed via a google search, but I couldn't seem to get the hair right.)

cat person avatar.jpg