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png support? Answered

I'm having trouble with the png image file format. They seem to show up fine in the small image preview at the bottom of the screen when I'm authoring my ible, but when I try to add image notes, it's just a black screen.

I tried it out on both Chrome and IE and the same problem arises. In both edit and preview mode, just a black box. Ugh.

Any ideas on what could be causing the problem, and how I might fix it (besides converting the images to jpg. I know that already, but they're licenced for use as png, not as jpg, and I don't want to violate the copyright holders' rights).

Help is greatly appreciated. The images are originally from openclipart.org (which is a great resource for anyone looking for images they're legally allowed to use for free).

Thanks for the help.


Thanks for letting us know. We've released some new updates recently which may have effected PNG file types. A bug report has been started and we're looking into it.

No, this one's been around for more than a year. I only got annoyed enough to report it last week.


Moved from Help:Authors to Help:Bugs so someone from HQ can file it.

And for crossreference, here's where Steve reported it:

Its a site problem, the software seems not to treat PNG as a native format, which it is, and converts it to JPG ! Then it gets upset by the transparency parameters of PNGs.

I have only recently posted a bug report on this very issue, and illustrated it with my own PNG problem - the crazy thing is, SOME of the versions the site creates ARE visible.

It's a transparency issue, apparently.

Either ensure your PNGs are fully opaque, or re-save them as JPEGs and upload them again.