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is this poetry? Answered

I wanted to know if this is poetry or not. God save me Save my life, Or let me die Let me feel the warm embrace of your arms Let me know you are their Take away my pain Take away my sorrow Let me find happiness Let me find peace Give me the strength to live on, To fight and overcome my burden Let me learn, To let go Let me find some good in this world, So I may be happy You are my lord, Christ is my savior Lend me your strength, For now I need you now more than ever In these times of sorrow, I hold out my hand for you I can only hope you will reach out to me If not live in peace, then let me stand by your side, In the land of the heavens Show me the light of happiness, So I may continue to live Lend me your strength, Let me learn, Let me be at peace By: Woatspers


the anagram for the by was good........ but you wrote it...... if not its a huge coincidence that all the letters in the name are in yours.

P.S. its decent...... but its a little, how should I say... an example of the mindset that turns to religion to solve there problems.... rather then faith it sounds like a cry for someone.. or something to fix there problems.... it comes off very depressed and desperate....... but its decent

thats the way it should sound because i wanted it to sound that way. i have been goin through hell a wile now and i always turn to god to help me.

well, I'm not up to speed on your hell, and I'm not a religious man myself but my understanding of Christian interpretation is that god is not going to do everything for you. he will provide a path... but it is up to you to take it. there was a joke I heard once... there was a very religious man and he was stuck in an incredible flood on the roof of a house.... a man came by in a make - shift raft and said "jump on, I'll help you to dry land" the religious man said "no thank you... I am a religious man, I have faith and I know god will save me" a few hours went by and a speed boat came by... the driver said "jump in, I'll take you to dry land" the religious man said "no thank you... I am a religious man, I have faith and I know god will save me" a few more hours went buy and a helicopter came buy the pilot lowered a rope and said "tie yourself to the rope I'll take you to dry land" the religious man said "no thank you... I am a religious man, I have faith and I know god will save me" after a few more hours the religious man finally succumbed to the cold violent waters... he arrived in heaven and was met by god, the religious man said " I am a religious man, I have faith and I thought you would save me, why did you let me die?" god said to the man... "I sent you a raft, a speed boat and a helicoptoer... what more do you want from me?"

I have heard that before. But nobody will help me through my living hell and its not bad to ask for help. That help form god could be guidence and I would know it. All I want is a path to take, so I once more may be home.

the path, provided by religious force or otherwise isn't going to jump out and scream "suprise, I'm over here" ... waiting for the manual door to open automatically seems pretty silly to me.... make your own path.... and the rest will come

metaphorically speaking wire up a socket and screw in a bulb..... you know what you need to do.... I'm sure of that.... you just need to do it...... and smile through the hard times.... nobody ever said the path would be fun... or easy..... the question is... do you have the guts and gumption to right your own wrongs.... and make some good appear through the bad.... straps on a pair and MAKE it happen... you can only change yourself... I can feed you every line under the sun but if you can't decide you want to make changes.... and you can't find the motivation to change things.... there gonna stay exactly the same.

its hard to force yourself to not the the one you have loved for a long time. times were perfect and now they are not... i know what i need to do but i faile every time i try. i have spent the last 2 nights crying myself to sleep... if only people could understand the full pain i feel.

would it make you feel better if someone understood your pain? If I could look you in the eyes and say.... I know exactly the pain you feel... would that make everything better? I'd guess not, but I can say this... I put my entire existance into a women once... and she walked away with it. sure I sulked around.... for weeks.... I was a provincial correctional officer at the time (jail guard) the only reason I got applied for the job was so I could afford to start a life with her.... she left..... I stopped getting up in the morning..... I stopped showing up for work...... I stopped living. you gotta wake up one of these days....and decide..... how much are you willing to let another person take from you? because right now..... your a man without a heart, a soul and a life..... are you willing to let that slide? or are you gonna get off your ass and say..... F*ck that noise, she can leave me, but my life, my heart and my soul stay here!.... don't let some chick who walked away from you... not only crush your feelings.... but take your existance too.

i was doing good but i just fell back and am now starting over again...

to many thoughts.... they come into my minde when im alone..... it was just to much and i started cryin and doin bad stuff again...

what do you cut with? anything? or you have a preffered device? (like a special knife for cutting?)

i used the knife in my "how to hone a knife" instructable...

did writing that poem make you feel better? writing can be a very positive way of expressing emotion. Music is another good way, both playing/creating and listening. do you have any positive forms of releaving the pain? anything that works?

i fell back again.... nothing i do is helping me long term.......

Well I think you need to stop calling it a fall back.... you cut to make emotional pain real. You are having trouble accepting emotional pain and sorrow... and need to make it "real" somehow. So, you cut... first things first you need to make sure you are cleaning your knife. make sure its disinfected after everytime you use it, an make sure you aren't taking it to far, you can't get better if your not alive. take care of your wounds... don't let them get infected. NOTE: I'm not recommending you continue this... but if you are going to do it... it needs to be as safe as possable. get a book/journal..... you need to start keeping track of what you are thinking about that makes you need to cut and how often you are doing it. Your goal should not be to be instantly all better, but to progrssivley adapt to "heathier" coping tools. As you progress, try to cut less frequently.... eventually ....read back what you have wrote previously in your journal.... contemplate how it turned out and what you could have done instead of cutting. right now you are focusing on A) emotional pain you can't "see" or make "real" and not knowing how else to deal with it B) cutting to fix the situation and feeling remorse for doing it, creating more emotional pain. stop feeling remorse for cutting, your not a horrible or evil person because of it. But you do need to work through it and come up with a solution. I'm assuming you have been for help and its not doing a lot of good. I do recommend that you get help, or a support group so you can learn better coping mecanisims.... but I do think the majority issue rests on your shoulders...you need to find the strength to fix this. One day at a time bro, work for something better. You can never change your past but you can always shape your future. Be safe, don't ever take this to far.

im trying as hard as i can..... its people like you who try to help me that makes me want to live again. it shows me that people care about me even though they dont know me or have ever met me... thank you!

wrightin that helped a bit.... i lift weights, listen to loud ass music. i did stop cuttin because it was stupid.

your right! i cant let this take over my life! im going to work through this! I have to for my own good!

When I was much younger, in my 20's my fiance was in an auto accident; she was left in a coma until she was no longer. I did not thing I would ever recover from that. I did. I never did find another princess like her, but then, I ruined part of my life trying to replace her. Great pains are there for a reason. We have to look beyond them and then move beyond them...but this too takes time.

im so sorry..... that must have been hard for you..... i have gotten more help from the people on instructables than i have gotten in the past few weeks... as of now you are the only one that can understand how i feel... because of my lose of love a peace of me will be lost for a long time. i can only hope that in time i will learn to love and live again.

Yes, like I tried to say but not very well, I wasted a lot of time looking for another person just like her, and that is a fruitless search. One has to eventually start fresh, after a time, and hopefully it will not be too horribly long a time for you.

it has been about half a month now... hopefully in a few more months..... it takes me a long long time to get through something like this....

she didnt die if thats what you were thinking... but I feel as if I have... I was suicidal for a few weeks... your loss was much worse than mine. But my lose (being love itself) is close to it... I gave her my heart and my life and it was thrown away...

I understand, that is why I gave the link: a loss is a loss. Methodology doesn't matter.

Reach for acceptance (#5). Only then can you find peace.

i tryed and i got to it and fell back to the start.... i have been worken my way up again but i think im about to fall again.....

Still you are still in control of yourself, whenever you wish to take that control back from the one you gave it too, you know ?

You're the driver, you must steer where you want to go (I hope that doesn't sound cold, but it is true). Don't let anyone else drive your vehicle.

"One has to eventually start fresh"

I actually just wrote something about "clearing your cache". It's about how sometimes you just need all those problems to be dropped, even if they will be replaced in another moment...just so you can feel refreshed and ready to start again.