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poisonous plants in montana? Answered

what are any poisonous plants in montana? (preferably ones that will knock someone out) I am trying to write a western and the hero needs to knock out (or give them really awful stomach cramps) also they need to be able to be found in the wild, and please insert a pic or a link to pic (if possible)


most poisonous plants don't knock people out, but one that you can find in your area is the red baneberry
As few as 2 berries can cause severe cramps, headaches, vomiting, bloody diarrhea and/or dizziness. Severe poisoning results in paralysis of the respiratory system and cardiac arrest.
good luck on your western, and I hope that helped!

Why would they need a picture to write a story? The Montana State website probably has all the info needed. Including the penalties for poisoning someone intentionally : O

film adaption? I can't write that well. it's a homeschool assignment! (but if I could sell the rights... hmm...)

i remember a macyver episode that had a plant like this in it it was se1e10 or mane 9 not sure but its one of those to its about half way through the video and if you find out what it is could you please tell me