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popsicle sticks, and nothing to do with them.... Answered

I bought 1000 popsicle sticks to build a model bridge... The didn't work now I have over 950 popsicle sticks. What should i do with them.


save them, go get a girlfriend, then once you have one, show her your mad popsicle stick building skillz.

Build a 1/50 scale house, fill it with paper and firecrackers, light, run, watch, "ooh", "ahh". And, of course, charge $5 per kid, $7 for adults ;]

You could save them until the summer, then make actual popsicles to sell in the street, like a lemonade stand.

try again on the bridge....ive made ones that can handle 60 pounds.... or you could make a forge, then use them as firewood...not sure if it would work or not.....

Dude, I made a scale model of a hunting blind that me and my dad made not too long ago. I will put up some pictures soon.

  • Mix a lot of epoxy.
  • Fit end-to-end and make a new workbench surface.
  • Eiffel Tower.
  • Miniature xylophone.
  • Sand or whittle wedges to make small shims.
  • Sharpen edges-disposable letter opener.
  • Sculpture. Google "popsicle stick sculpture"

You could build a very strong bridge that could hold over 500 pounds...

Do you, or someone you know have an electric train set? These make great mini-"decks", rafts, house roofs, the outer shell of a lumber mill, etc. Do you have enough to make something like this: