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portable fish house led lighting Answered

Hello, I am looking for help on how to figure out what I need to construct a couple of led strip lights for a portable fish house. I what to make them out of 4ft tubes and connect them to a 12volt, 9 amp deep cycle battery. How do I go about figuring what to use to get as much light with least amount of draw on battery. 



3 years ago

I want to light the inside of my ice fishing portable shelter. Just don't know how to calculate what and how to make a couple of hanging led strip light tubes.Doesn't have to be made in a tube but would work better for my shelter. the battery I will use is a 12 volt 9 amp sealed battery,(like a motorcycle type battery.)


Reply 3 years ago

In that case have a look at cupboard LED lights first ;)
They come in round disks that can be glued or screwed on.
Much better than strips ;)
Power cunsuption for LED's should be stated with the offer and you simply divide the W(att) by the V(oltage) to get the current requirement in A(mpere)
From there is basic math as in the example below.

However, if you go for strips they state the power usually per meter and most come with a little controller to set flashing and brightness.
If you use all up 2A for the LED strip but mainly use it at the lowest brightness setting your battery will last much longer.
Be aware that for freezing temps you have to consider that the battery will not reach the full capacity!


3 years ago

You mean a tank with lights above or a house under water with lights inside?
You can calculate how the battery will last.
Assuming it is 9Ah and not 9A it means the battery can provide 1A for 9 hours before it reaches the point to be charged again.
So 500mA will work for 18 hours, 4A only for a bit over two hours.
For extreme long cycles consider low power LED's as used for solar lights.
The 10mm variation for example has 80% brightness already at just 10mA.
5mm types can get there with as little as 5mA.