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portal 2 portal gun Answered

someone make a portal gun and make it work......ok maybe i got ahead of myself but i like portal,kinda.





i know how to make a working turret but cant do the design.and do u have it.and what chapter r u on.im on 6 and its hard

how.ho did u beat leval 6 way after getting beaten down and going to that room with the big sign

look up for a portal surface, Not al the way up(just not down or forward...)

do a walk through online, that should help. :)

im not playing and i dont have it anymore its at gamestop

well no offence but your a big fat giver upper. >:(

no im not.im selling my 360 and i just wanted to sell halo reach instead

well, beat it then sell it (that's what you should have done)

i couldn't because i already unplugged my 360

well you shouldn't have thought of selling it, beat the game, then think of selling it then sell it...

no your not getting it.im grounded from my stuff so i have to sell it all

your grounded from it all?FOREVER?!?

not forever only when im done with school and show an improvement in the kitchen


7 years ago

i cant get past its impossible.its the part with the gient sign and gel tubes