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post pictures of your drawings Answered

ill start with mine ( so far)


Here's some of mine, both using traditional media and digital art software (note, sneaking a few paintings in there too).

Bumblebee Romance.jpgLadybug Romance.jpgTails and Pichu Doodle.jpgWatercolor Combee.jpgSonic Doodle.jpgBlack, fuzzy bats against a night sky.jpgJack-o-lantern.jpgEnterprise, meet Defiant.jpgBorg Cube Beautyshot.jpgEpic Randomness 5.jpgIndex Card Abstract.jpgI've Got a Golden Ticket...pngCupidchu.pngPichu Paint.pngTechnikana II.bmpTechnikana IV.bmpPST 008.pngPST 010.pngPST 005.pngLuvdisc against a bubbly blue background.jpgJust a random Luvdisc sketch.pngSwimming with Luvdisc.jpgOran Berry Pie-eating Contest.jpgNX-01 Going on the Scenic Route through the Black of Space.png

Heres my drawing of Smaug

14 - 1.jpg

Heres my drawing of Smaug

14 - 1.jpg

i just started drawing last week i have had no art lessons and just felt like drawing tell me how i did


not bad, im looking at the drawing i posted and after some practice ive become much better just by trial and error. we all have to start somehwere

I draw and then burn the drawing into wood....

The Iron Grip.jpgExample Sketch on tracing paper.jpgwolf picture2.JPGPicture 1861.jpgPicture 234.jpgPicture 231.jpg

My eyesight, sadly is fading quickly. I can no longer see well enough to do the detail, and using a magnifier complicates things a bit. But I wish I could still do those.

Cool! I love corny chemistry jokes. The ferrous wheel and saline, saline over the 7 seas are my faves. Those are the two I remember from high school (back in the Dark Ages). I think there are more scriibbled in my college textbook, but it is in storage.

I have lots of drawing but i can't show the my drawing....

i made this one in january


My neighbor has the three dots tattooed on his hand.

He was in a gang.

He's a born again Christian.

i used to be untill 3 years ago. but its still something thats fresh in my mind. im just not born again Christian.

The born again Christian aspect of him always bugged me. 'twas always handing me leaflets and trying to get me to attend church with him.

One that hands out leaflets has no clue as to what they believe, or they'd talk to people interested in the subject, and not try to force feed those that don't want to hear it.....hear what? Who knows, they certainly don't (normally).

I'm a born again Christian, and I'll talk to anyone who expresses an interest. I don't preach to everyone, not do I "force feed" my religious beliefs on anyone. I do know the Bible, and I do know the difference in being lost in sin and being born again through the blood and death of Jesus Christ. I find the comments here extremely offensive and bigoted, but my religion has taught me to pray for you out of love, so I will. May God Bless you!

A discussion would lead to a difference of certain "facts" I am sure :-) At the age of 53, I have now spent over 37 years studying the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

My post above is for you also. May God bless you!

seems kind of convenient for him, maybe Islam would have been a better alternative for him.

Here's a sampling of some of my older works. The last two are hand hammered copper emblems I made for my step-brother's Camaro.


I like the copper pieces. the other stuff is good too, but those lil' copper pieces are cool

im guessing you live in las vegas.
702 is a las vegas area code.
89101 is a las vegas zip code
LV could possibly be las vegas.
the "mi vida loca" dots indicate Spanish heritage.
At first i thought the 702 was a UFO but appears to be a cholo
Quick google search said huntridge is a park. might possibly be where your people hang out.
E.S may indicate east side? or E5 not sure
8 pointed stars, each star means Education, Economics, Achievement, Social
Development, Politics, Money, Wisdom, Knowledge
MoCo i couldn't find anything on that. might be your nickname or something important since its in the center of the paper.

my profile pic is one of mine

Some jedi i invented a while back, still needs a name.

Picture 232.jpgPicture 231.jpg

this is just a nice colorful doodle i did in an afternoon