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posting date on instructables Answered

is there any way of changing the posting date on an instructable? i was working on one and it's post date is when i started it rather than when i published it. or, is there a way to look at instructables by publishing date rather than posting date so that i can easily keep up with what is new?


As I've seen it, Instructables, when displayed by date, are displayed by publishing date. Even if it took you weeks to publish, it will show the creation date, but order it by when you published it.

i started one on Feb 28, published it on Mar 7 and it shows up (sorted) by date as Feb 28.

We're having a slight problem with our Solr search which is causing this behavior. It will be fixed shortly.

it just flipped to mar 8. just wanted to make sure i was keeping up with the new stuff comming in : )

Yeah, we resynced the search, but the root problem probably won't be addressed until next week.