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potassium nitrate can i make it from pee? Answered

I have herd that you can make potassium nitrate by doing something to pee



but it makes alot of it, and i realy mean ALOT but if you dont want to you can always make potassium chlorate which is better as when mixed corectly with sulfur is as strong as tnt firstly potasium chloride (kcl) and potassium hydroxide(koh) are made by reacting cream of tartar with hydrocloric acid, then you have kcl, if you want potassium hydroxide ( with a small amount of potassium chlorate in it) electrlyse the klc but make sure its cold not hot potassium chlorate is made by either electrolysing hot kcl solution ( not nacl or salt) or bubbling chlorine or chlorine dioxide, through a hot potassium hydroxide solution or potassium nitrate is made by bubbling nitrous oxide through hot potssium hydroxide solution and just so you know, nitrous oxide is obtaines by either decomposing sodium nitrate, made by the method mentions above, or by removing the cream from whipped cream as if you look carefully youll see that the gas used in canned whipped cream is nitrous oxide and it doesnt take long for the koh to absorb all the nitrous hope that helped ; )

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If you feel like doing this, please post an Instructable!

(and change your image - I dropped an edited one on your Orangeboard for you)