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potato cannon airsoft mortar ammo? Answered

I recently built a pneumatic potato cannon, and i would like to use it in airsoft as a mortar of sorts. anyone have any ideas of something i could shoot that would cause splash damage when it hits the ground? cause i dont wanna have to hit someone directly, or hurt them......


Nerf pocket vortex footballs seem to be the ammunition of choice, but you could just fill a water balloon with red paint and bbs!

Tape a bunch of the firecracker size snap things everyone has on the 4th of July to the inside of an easter egg


8 years ago

here how you do it get a easter egg  fill it with airsoft bbs then use a rubber band seal it the put a put news paper behind it (make sure away from ignitoin) then let it lahnch

... Nice!
Awesome idea, i mite just have to use that XD 

An Orange maby??
or a watter balloon half filled?