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potato gun contest Answered

i am proposing a potato gun contest but not any kind of potato gun contest. i am proposing a concealed weapons potato gun contest. air or combustion and it has to screw apart to fit in a briefcase or on your person it can also already be small enough so that you wont have to take it apart use your imagination i am eager to see what people come up with also disguised potato guns are also welcome. thanks for humoring me PhD


well instead of saying concealed lets change the wording to can be disassembled and reassembled or mini. and although i am not new to instructables i am new to posting things on instructables so any advice on getting sponsors or if anyone would want to go ahead and get sponsors that would be great

Potato guns are a grey area in weapons regulation, but concealing them could push wavering law enforcers over to the "anti" side of the fence.

Cool Idea! I would love to make it a little more formal though. Maybe if we can get a few sponsor then instructables will host it as an official contest.

well first off this is not an official contest the restrictions are loose and the only prize is honer we are making a gun made for launching potatoes (although other produce and maybe paint balls is except able) the material can be anything. I'm going to say minimum barrel size of half an inch and a maximum of as big as you want. as far as what is legal and what is not i know with my local laws potato guns are legal to have but not to shoot within the city limits any other questions or suggestions for changing the rules i will be happy to reply and i would love to see the one you already built

Some clarification please...

What is the minimum sized shot allowed...?
As small calibre may be legal where I am, yet anything substantial is not.

A contest would suggest some type of restriction/outlines and or a discription of what would be a suitable outcome for the project..
What type of things would you be looking for in this...

I have one already, which I could supply you with the link to if you would like.. That's if your interested...

And here I thought it was about making a gun from potato plastic.