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potato vodka? Answered

I am currently in an issoalted camp in the north and am interesting in making some potato vodka.  Potatoes are readily available and I can scrounge the materials for a still. But there is not a pressure cooker here. Could I cook the potao mash/juice in a regular pot on the stove? I know a make shift pressure cooker is proably dangerous and totaly out of the question, although it did cross my mind.


yeah risking blindness is NOT worth it lol

 Hi, yes, I don't see why you couldn't cook the potato mash on the stove--the idea is to release the starch grains.  When I was in the army in the middle of the last century, a guy from Poland told me about it.  Actually, if you have sugar, that's all you need, he said.

You ferment the  mixture, then distill it.  From what I read, you need to redistill it a couple of times to get the strength up.  Be careful heating it.  Also, the first part of the distillate contains bad stuff.  A pretty good description of the process can be found at http://www.essortment.com/food/makevodkahome_sbcy.htm 

I read that article.  It said to discard the first AND LAST 50 ml or something of the distillation or go blind drinking it.  THat seem kinda iffy to me.  How do you know that's enough. 

I think I"ll just keep buying mine from the corner package store.  It's a lot safer.

I agree. I does sound a little iffy but I won't be any where near a corner store for weeks. Not withhin a 1000 km or so. I don't think I'm gogin to try the process anyways. It just doesn't seem worth it.