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OFF GRID POWER Systems MSW invewrters Answered

Recently I purchase a 5000 watt 60cycle, 24vdc to 220vac inverter (MSW) to run my off grid cottage on, when I received it it had a 2 wire out put.
could I conect the inverter 220v out to a 220 to 119/220v transformer  so i  could connect it to my north american house hold elecrical panel??
This would give me the 220v split single phase (full sinewave) similar to hydro power??
Our cottage maximum wattage reguired at any one time we only reguire 12-1500 watts as we have propane stove, fridge, furnass,and hot water.
Therefore we only need power for vacum cleaner, washing machine, microwave oven and Led lighting.
regards ron



Best Answer 6 years ago

I think that connecting the inverter 220v out to a 220 to 119/220v transformer would wok for you if the max' load is 1500W.


Thank you for your reply as I am not familiar with mosfet transistor full bridge type designs, when I took my electrical technogist training it was back in 1960's so I need all the help I can get.