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power inverter: help? Answered

i have this power inrter, and i once hooked it up t a mac power supply converted to a benchtop power supply. i didn't know i yet, but the power supply was surging, and it started making he inverter smoke. i turned it off, but the inerter never worked again. can i reuse any of these parts to make a new one? i dont think it was the actual inverter piece, but one of the others

p.s. this inverter was from a hp scanjet scanner



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you smoked it then something on the board is probably bad.  Without testing everything you won't know what is bad and what is good.  Without all of the parts you probably can't build another one.

The inverter probably ran the tube light.

i know it ran the light, but i want to know if i can reuse the actual inverter piece to make a new one

If you're talking about the circuit board then if you didn't burn any of the traces you can reuse the board. You could just figure out which components are bad and replacing them.

Here's a good link for learning to test transistors. Use it and if you don't get the idea then google "test transistor". Good luck.

i have a laptop screen, the laptop was dead, i think. so im going to see if it uses leds or ccfls, if it uses ccfls, im going to mod my computer case with them, i can just put in 12v for it to work, right? ive got some project boxes for it to go in, but that should work, right?