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powered speakers Answered

hello im realy new to the electronics game and i was wondering if anywas can sow me a REALY SIMPLE diagram of where wires should go to get powered speakers i have 2 speakers and want to power them by battery so a nice little circuet diagram would help:)


oh i thaught the power went staight through the speakers so does that mean it would look somthing like this?: (i think thats a mono jack what does a sterio look like?)

C:\Documents and Settings\Joan.ANDYXPH\My Documents\My Pictures\diagram.bmp

Hey wii maniac!

Here's a pinout of an audio jack

basically you connect the left speaker to the ground and left, and you connect the right speaker to the ground and the right. I'm not sure how loud this thing is going to be, you're going to be needing an amp (not over the top though) because that's basically headphones right there.

PM me if you have any electronic questions, I'll be glad to help.

As Nacho implies, you won't be hooking the batteries up to the speakers directly :-)

. All you need is a small audio amp. Try Googling "audio amp schematic" or "audio amp project"