powerwasher won't throw out water from gun with motor running Answered


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honda GC190 motor 3000pst powerwasher with a annovi reverbi pump RMV 2.5 G30  when all hoses are connected and the water is on, motor off, water passes thru nozzle, when the motor is on, the water does not pass out at all? How should I trouble shoot??


Have a problem getting water to come out of main with motor off and pressure hose off of power washer.Any ideas as to what the problem could be and how to fix it?

In addition to the above ideas, look to be certain the output shaft of the engine actually turns the input shaft of the pump. Two PWs in a row have sheared the pin between the two shafts.

Pretty easy repair if the two keyways are intact.

my pressure washer runs but does not have pressure what can I do to fix my problem

if you have water coming through and the pressure hose, gun and tip are installed with the water on and the engine off, then there shouldn't really be a reason why it wouldn't work with the engine running.

If you ran the unit without the valves (the plastic basket looking ones), I don't think it would show you much. As long as those valves do not look deformed and that metal disc is seated then they should work as the check valves they were designed to be.

The pistons should move like you say and as long as the packings are good (the "seals" that the piston ride against) then those should be good. If the packings are damaged you might notice water in your pump oil, making it milky or a little bit of water dripping out where the pressure head gets bolted on to the pump body.

The only other place the water goes through before it goes to the pressure hose is through the unloader valve which works when you pull the trigger, which releases the pressure from one side of the valve and then opens up to allow the full working pressure through. It looks like this http://etscompany.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/bapl... except the o-rings and threaded part will be inside the pump head

So, If this was me and I was 100% sure the pressure hose, wand and tip was clear and that you have sufficient water in (for simplicity, your pump outputs 2.5 gallons per minute at 3000 psi) then I would hook up the water and turn it on. If water is spraying out of where you would normally hook up the pressure hose then I would start the unit. If the water stops coming out with the motor running then I would suspect the unloader valve. I wouldn't run the unit for more than 15 seconds if water is not coming out. If water does come out with the motor running and it is being noticeably sprayed out versus when the engine was off then I would shut the unit off and hook up the pressure hose and test again. If it not doesn't come out, then there has to be something in the hose, wand or tip (you should be able to trouble shoot those)

On a last note, these pumps are inexpensive and you may find that it doesn't take long for replacement parts to add up to the cost of a new pump. Let us know how it goes or feel free to message me

1. Motor off - pressure hose off does the mains water come through - it should on most pressure washers.

2. Pressure hose off motor on (briefly) does the pump provide pressure? id yes then pressure hose is blocked if no then pump or internal valves not opening.

3. Try passing air through pressure hose, air line, bike pump or even blow. Is the hose clear.

pressure hose is not stuck, water and air pass. What do you suggests as the best way to test the sticking valves? They are the plastic basket type, I took them out cleaned them and set them in new already.Pump pistons move, baffled. Thanks for the help

Does water come out when you run it without the hose attached?

The pump may be stuffed - They don't like running dry.

Here's a link to the service manual, which also has a troubleshooting chart.:


Check the internal valves for sticking. Be careful working under power - the water will cut straight through.

can you suggest the best way to do this? take out the valves on the 3 on top and then turn on the machine??? Thanks

It would probably help if you posted some pictures of what you've got.