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practical uses for plastic six pack holder rings? seem like they are very durable and useful. Answered

Thought these might make good tool organizers, mesh bags, or any potential items that would be practical, useful, and eco-friendly. Discarding these without clipping the rings has had a negative impact on wildlife by entangling them, so thought would try to put them to good use and save money. There are likely many gardening, art and craft applications for these also.


Use them to control erosion. Put them on top of loose soil and use those u-shaped cleats to add erosion resistance eroding soil. The plastic web adds support.

id save them incase your going to make an airsoft or bb bb grenade they could come in handy


8 years ago

During the forties and fifties ladies would crochet around the rubber rings which were sold for canning and sew them together to create a heat resistant trivet for hot dishes to protect the dinner table.  

During the seventies  we cut those beer or pop can rings apart and crocheted around them and made trivets, or beach bags to name a couple of ideas.   you can also wrap them with raffia, or use raffia or ribbon to weave through the overlapped rings.  I should make an instructible.  LOL

 bracelets rabbit snares 

On the contrary to popular belief, many recycling centers accept six-pack rings for recycling.

Here's one example of a place that accepts them: http://www.swancc.org/recycling/recyclinggrid.html

Just because something doesn't have a recycling symbol on it doesn't mean it is not recyclable.  It's worth getting a guide from your local center or look online for what they accept.

(Aluminum foil is another example of this).

while someone is asleep, stick their hands and feet through the rings. although they might be strong enough to break out.... or layer up a bunch of em' and use em' for strap on.. a bag, maybe

Tests of "manly" strength! (that's what we used to use them for when I was younger and swayed by earthly concerns...folded into a single six thick ring)...one = manly, two = supermanly, three = youre a fk-ing god!

seriously, they'd probably be good for stays when wrapped around a rope while camping.. fold one or more over the rope, slip it thru itself, and hang stuff off like lanterns off it. The weight will hold the item in place by causing the stay to pinch the rope.. (as long as it's heavy enough)

cool retrojunk bracelets too, for a trashy, yet trendy look ;)

I think I recall an artist friend who wove a belt out of them

You could probably make plastic washers (small ones) out of them as well, by a small using punch to place a hole, then punch the washer's outer diameter with a larger one. In a pinch anyway...

lol -
A guy I was dating once declined my kitchen scissors and ever-so-casually ripped a set of six-pack rings open with his bare hands, proving himself both manly and sensitive to environmental causes. That evening went very well indeed. ;)

Lol..I guess there were no forked bluecurls aye?


8 years ago

Insert peanut butter jars, or similar type jars into the rings and use as a handy organizing tool for the workbench.

Poke pairs of freshly-washed underwear through the holes, and then you can use a single peg to hang six sets of boxers out to dry.