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pre-school games? Answered

I'm looking for gross-motor games for pre-schoolers?



First off, a little philosophy

Never play games where children are made "out"
Always let each child have their own piece of equipment (pre schoolers do not share well)
Rather than have lines to wait a turn, have all the kids do the activity at the same time.

Great activities:
1.  Freeze Dance.  Have a remote for your music source.  Play fast music and have the kids move to the music.  Suggest break dancing or different locomotor movement patterns, like galloping or running.  Most PreK's will have trouble with skipping.  When you stop the music, the children will freeze, like statues, holding their muscles strong and hard like ice that is frozen.  If you feel comfortable doing this, you could ask one or two of the children if you could pick them up and would they hold their muscles really still and stay in the same position.  Kids LOVE being carried around this way.  Of course they receive a great round of applause for their wonderful frozen shape and tightly held muscles!
2.  With a playground ball for each child, give them the direction of "Kick and run."  PreK's will do that for 10 minutes with little breaks to catch their breath.  During the little breaks, you could have some of the other children "show" how they kick and run.  You use that performance to show the kids what you would like them to do.
3.  Parachutes are wonderful but expensive.  King bed sheets can be used the same way.  Each child takes a bit of the edge with two hands. Lift and lower it or shake. 

 Go to lesson plans.  A thousand or so developmentally appropriate activities for children PK-12.

Daphne Knudson, C.A.P.E.; Adapted Physical Education Teacher


8 years ago

A lot depends on age and the number of kids.

Duck Duck Goose
Simon Says
London Bridge is Falling Down
Ring Around the Rosy
Bunny Hop
Hokey Pokey
Horses:  Pair off, issue one short jump rope  to each pair.
One kid is the horse (the rope goes across the waist) ... the other is the rider holding the reins .... Let them run all over making horse sounds.