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Cannot download print.html error when I try to print a instructable.



Still getting the error when trying to print. If I try to print using Firefox I get a window with computer codes.

Hello, 6 years later I am having the same problem. Just joined Instructables and receive an error message when I try to print. Also can't use the printer for anything else as its stuck in the queue. Don't know if anyone will see this but I'm casting the het wide!

Me again. Downloaded Adobe reader for free and printer is now just printing my pdf. Perhaps Instructables should mention this on their site, that Adobe is needed. Seems so obvious but I had a new computer and hadn't installed it yet.

Adela Sivewright.


9 years ago

I'm getting the same error:403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. when I click on 'print' link to print the Crochet Moustache Hat. BTW the HP advert that pops up when I click the print link is really annoying. cheers, jamowa