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problem with my computer speakers how do i fix this annoyance? Answered

so ive rigged up a stereo useing 2 set of amplified computer speakers (one with a subwoofer that is the dc converter) and it has been working fine for months and the speakers arent very old nor have they been loud enough to blow the speakers one is 13vdc but the set connected to that is 15vdc
on the set that is 15vdc 3 speakers maxing at 16vdc is connected to it nothing has changed besides cutting of the 2nd sets 1/8'' plug and connecting permanantly 3 days later a very loud buzz is now comming out of the 2nd set and then projecting that noise through the sub but not the primary speaker
why is this
what can i do to fix this
how do i make sure this doesntt happen again
yes i know the speakers are differant voltages but the entire set has worked for a long time without a problem



8 years ago

The way I understand your setup:

one amplifier, two sets of powered speakers.  The two set of speakers don't share power supplies they only connect to the output of the amp.


The power to the speaker sets powers the internal amps and doesn't have anything to do with the other set.  So that should not be a problem.

If the amp that is supplying the speaker sets is very powerful you may have overloaded one of the other amps and that may be what is causing the buzz.

If one of the power supplies is failing it would cause the speaker to buzz.

But what I really think is wrong is that when you made your connection, you have a short in that.  Remake that connection and see if that fixes it.

Disconnect one of the speaker power supplies and see if the buzz goes away.  If it does, plug in the other one and disconnect the other one to see if it comes back.  If it buzzes with only one connected then the fault is narrowed down to that one.

Good luck.


Answer 8 years ago

On the other hand looking again at your diagram it looks like you might have both sets plugged into the same powersupply.  In that case I would guess most likely that your powersupply was not powerful enough to power both sets at the same time and your powersupply was failing.  If it is the powersupply that came with one of the sets then if most probably was sized to just bearly power the original set and adding the other set to it is the cause.  Expecially since it is lower voltage than is required by one of the sets.


8 years ago

its cause of the fifteen volt supply causeing back feed to the other one