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programming in amicus 18 Answered

i am doing programming using amicus 18 compiler
but i dont know how to program in bas can you help me
i want my robot to move forward how do i do it.?



5 years ago

A quoted string of characters is held in the microcontroller's code memory, not RAM. Therefore it cannot be emptied using the Clear command.

What you require would be something such as:

Dim MyString as String * 20

MyString = "hello world"

Hrsout MyString

Now, issuing the Clear command would clear the contents of MyString along with all other user RAM

WHICH robot ?
HOW is it wired ?
What is an "amicus 18" compiler ?


just a prototype robot
its has amicus18 board and a motor driver ld293d chip

from micro-controller port to ld293d then motors

amicus 18 is a compiler for 18f series micro-controller written in .bas programming

So I assume .bas is a BASIC dialect ?

What languages can you program in ? BASIC stands for "Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code." - which is a big clue to how easy it is.

Next question to ask yourself: where is the 293 connected on the PIC board ?


now i have another problem
i can't load the program to pic for some reason

i used clear command which clears all ram memory

and if i check the serial com terminal it keeps running hello world
this might be because i ran this
hsrout "hello world"
goto label

for some reason i cant erase this what to do