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project conditions Answered

i have decided to post forums that show the current state of the project that i am working on to post for instuctables. projects: blimp:stand still-need mylar top secret: blue prints near completion


Hey, I'm building a blimp too! I've bought Mylar at a hydroponic store, don't do this. The stuff you need is aluminized nylon, which is also wrongly called Mylar, you can buy this stuff online, i'll try to find the website who sell it.

How big is the Top Sekrut Blimp? If it's small enough, you could just get one of those giant Mylar balloons, and if you want to shape it, cut it apart and heat-seal it back together.

the blimp and top secret are different projects. the blimp is... measuring...8ft and6.5in.

I understood that they were separate, I just assumed that the blimp would also be Top Sekrut.

if it was top secret i wouldn't tell you what it was