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project for mechanical engineering student? Answered

i am preparing a project on the topic "necessity is the mother of invention".i am a mechanical engineering student.can anybody give any ideas about what could be done on this topic. i am supposed to register the project unitl 12th april.so plz u ppl hurry ?


Rube Goldberg machines

Adaptation of ordinary objects for survival use

Transportation options in the post oil era

Alternative housing

Disaster shelter

Living of the seashore using found objects

Product diversification under stress conditions

Temporary bridges

Temporary housing

Homeless shelter

Engineering opportunities from studying nature

None destructive testing of engineering projects using locally sourced materials

Using alternative materials

Using natural materials to replace man made products

Building major engineering projects using locally sourced materials

How to survive a space accident

How to use general products in new and novel ways

How to find your way using household objects

How to make camping equipment from found materials

How to make a serviceable boat from found materials

How to change the way we manufacture to incorporate more recyclable materials.

Synergistic asynchronous pricing structures

Re-engineering the neutral adapter

The impact of an Open-architected global policy

the value of Quality-focused optimizing models

Progressive optimizing interface for mechanical projects

How to Implement asynchronous hierarchy

thank you so much, but i wanted to do something small around $200 (we have been given that limit).
also could you specify as to what exactly can be done.

The odd one out is Rube Goldberg machines.


Betcha (s)he never takes any of them up. i used to rant against students who opted for a course and then didn't have the involvement to get on with things.

Darn teachers. Ain't no mo room for answers!


what topic i should choose to get more marks in my project

Nope that's up to you - as a professional teacher it would be unethical for me to give you assistance beyond inspiration.

Any, or even all, of those titles could become a project for under $200 that is part of the challenge.


7 years ago

Grow a sweet smelling flower, build an automatic transmission, make a boomerang.