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project: top secret help Answered

i need to know what is the smallest spark plug that you can get and its voltage.


I know what you're up to... I'd say try an auto shop and just question them, you will need a coil driver or similar circuit to make it go, or possibly use a piezo spark from a grill to fire the spark plug...

ok. I'll go try that. and if you think you know what i'm up to please don't share. but private message me to see if your right. i want to see if your right to.

Well I do remember alot of commenting on a certain 'ible... I'm not going to say anything out loud... Good luck...

if you think its the blimp then your wrong. and its not about a instructable that i commented on but if you think you know it then private message me

lol. oh and by the way im posting the condition of my projects that im doing for instructables. i posted the conditions of my projects before i posted this. you could also go to my profile to find the post

heh, chill you're just asking for someone to blurt out your plans, every now and again I discuss int he chatroom

The 'ibles one, its a stickied forum topic, also I've got a few on the way aswell...

hmmm. bit of A bit of B but i am actually posting the progress of my projects that im doing for instuctables


10 years ago

For small but cheap spark plugs, look into those for chainsaw engines and such, rather than automotive plugs.

do you know the voltage?

Can you use a glo-plug from a model airplane engine?

it doesnt tell me the size or the voltage which i need

There are various sizes depending on the engine. R/C people can tell you what voltage they run it at since most carry variable voltage power packs. I don't know the amperage but it shouldn't be that great.