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projecting images onto fabric or membrane Answered

I Have a BIG project that I need help on! I have to fill a pavilion with images and other information on the Moon. I have to have this done for a festival and I have less than a month. I want to project images of the moon either static or moving onto loose hanging fabric around the pavilion. I saw a remarkable Cirque de Soleil traveling venue (see photo below) where they projected images on to translucent fabric which allowed the performers behind the projected images to appear to interact with them. This interaction is not necessary for my use but it was fascinating. (I have no idea how they accomplished this or how much that equipment costs) I will be most grateful for any and all suggestions that can help me with this project! Blessings to you all!



9 years ago

I agree, projectors are the best idea. You can rent them for a day, a week, or longer. Of course, you will also need computers or DVD players (with your images on a continuous loop).

https://www.instructables.com/id/PROJECTION-BOMBING/ or

Links to various projection projects to get the giant image up.

You could just play with a spotlight with a shadow mask to have the moon follow you around. Or use one of those remote mouse controllers to manipulate the computer slideshow or animation you project. Or some kind of old school overhead projector... They now sell as "toys", $100 USD projectors for your video games, the resolution on that should be good enough for you and if it is a dimmed room.

The fabric I think is called tulle, same stuff used for wedding veils or window curtains. Or you could blow a fog or smoke screen, yes there are tons of instructables on that if you want to search on it.

The other idea is to pre-hang mobiles or graphics of the different moon phases and light them up at periodic intervals. Or have a model moon lit up from different light sources from different directions to simulate it going through phases.

I'm sure others can suggest specifics if you let us know what the venue will be like, size, ceilings/walls, obstructions, lighting, etc.
Good luck.

and one of those real planetarium projectors is probably way out of the question, but National Geographic does put out a kid's planetarium projector that could be hacked.

A massive sheet of the kind of material they use for netted windows sounds like what you're after. White but translucent. The interactions could be simply good choreography, the computer won't make mistakes in timing. Or possibly a setup where the performer or another person inputs the reactions or cues them - also possible is actual interaction using various input devices like a camera, check out some of the big touchscreen 'ibles and you'll see the ideas.