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proud to be canadian Answered

yes!!! I am canadian


no i,m from usa son yeah, you know wut you canadians and any other country wold call dumb red neck,s.........................................................yeah the dumb red necks who win every war that is.

You could have observed that: Rednecks didn't win in Korea, Vietnam, or any war they weren't involved in, joined in half-way through on the winning side in WW1 & 2, and the member's state being part of the Confederacy, surrendered to the Union in the civil war.


as part as that last part is concerned we only moved down there for 1 year,we were always marylanders and 2 the union(aka:winners) was the actual government.

oh,i thought you were talking about me.
and i dont think you remember how we kicked yor butts 300 (or so) years ago,just saying.....................

Let me see if I'm getting this right... The best reason to be Canadian is that the USA has a less-than-perfect president? (Even if he was Satan, how would that cause Canada to be a great place?)

...and I thought it would be because the Canadian dollar is finally worth more than a US dollar...

*dodges rotten tomatoes*

better list? We have healthcare We don't have as much crime We don't have nearly as many murders. We have a huge amount of forests which arent taken over by lawnchairs and swiming pools We have one of the largest coastlines We don't bomb countries, we simply clean them up after Mr. George W. does. We are a mosaic not a melting pot We dont have the death penalty We don't have huge amounts of poverty We made the telephone And we have clean air. Not saying that Canada is perfect, you just wanted to see a better list.

no death penalty? so some guy could go SHOOT 60 people and keep his life? if you kill someone you should pay the price. a life in prison is not enough.

well i'm thinking on the terms of the mental effect on the criminal

"you are so terrible that we are going to KILL YOU!"
"your going to prison for the rest of your life"
just mentally the first would seem worse.
of course that is just an opinion

 whatever happened to not allowing cruel and unusual punishment.
If your killing someone for killing someone else, aren't you just as bad as the killer...

i think the person who was killed in the first place would think it was cruel to be killed.they should pay for what they did.

I say offenders ought to have a choice. Then give them the opposite.


A lot of U.S. states won't let you hunt with one.

Its mostly for handicapped hunters, only they can hunt with cross bows.

In Arkansas, anybody can hunt with one. I need all the help I can get! I think it's still restricted to the disabled in NC.

Its restricted to teh desabled in PA... But its still fun to have one. :D

We have lots of free energy scorces, wind, hydro (at least where I am) And lots of agriculture.

Yeah, here in the U.S. we have free energy in the form of sunshine. Can't complain.

Here In Canada we have all the methane you want in Alberta

LOL! "all you want" doesn't amount to much, though. We've got a bit more than "all you want" in the U.S.!

Now, we must convert a dirtbike into a methane powered machine, to fuel up have an arrow on the gas tank and underneath it have cow pies here.

"The crimes in Washington DC are very low, Murder aside that is" some guy in a book.

I heard the health care being socialized makes it way too impersonal... Comments? You've got me on the forests. I love forests. Largest coastlines? One of the coldest would be my point. ;-) "clean up?" Like, red-cross style, or blitzkrieg style? Expand on the "mosaic vs. melting-pot" point. (I think I know what you mean, but I'm not very sure.) Mentioning the telephone reminded me of a fun story. One of my elementary school teachers used to live in Canada. She said that when she was a little girl, her phone number was 9. XD!

If it was 9 she would have been really old, and lived in a small town probably. having healthcare is way better than not (go watch sicko lol, may be a little biased but its still pretty damn good). largest coastlines, and yes its cold way up north, but in places like BC and the maritimes it's not too bad at all. (we dont live in igloos) melting pot means everyone mixes together and assimilates, mosaic means that everyone fits together, and keeps the culture (kind of) cleanup would be a bit of both. Canadian troops really are more of peace-keepers tho.

I sometimes reflect on why we have a fence on the U.S.-Mexico border, and it makes sense that there isn't (a big) one on the U.S.-Canadian border.

...Don't get me wrong, I think Canada is great, too, I just thought I'd see a better list of reasons than "we don't have so-and-so for our president."

I've learned you will rarely get good reasons for anything when the title includes multiple exclamation points. Canadians Rock!!! *cough *cough

NOw all there is is to find out who I_am_British is...


no, I thing its him too, so both of them are him, but maybe not,

hmm, he tell truth me thinks, thouh shall not pester thy elders with thee pitifull questions, (in english : not him then, then we shall move on)

laughing, anyway, I am on vacation so don't expect answers soon