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proximity chip relay Answered

Not sure if in correct forum but here goes... I'm wondering if someone could design a simple and inexpensive way to use a chip to trip a relay with proximity. An idea I have for vehicle anti theft. possibly to bypass need for ignition barrel etc. but to allow the car not to be started without the presence of a close by chip. any ideas?


. Looks like a sophisticated RFID type system. RFID components are reasonably cheap nowadays.

Yep we RFID tag all of our cows now it's only a few bucks a tag, I just wonder when we'll let them drive .. <>

Yeah that's the thing. i remember seeing it a while back in a commercial. Think it was a mercedes or a lexus or the likes. would like to try to do it for myself. I don't have a high end auto or nothing but a lifelong desire to be different. RFID? trying to figure that one....I'll google it. LOL OK radio freq ident. now I get it. And yeah. Though I'm sure they're less complicated these days. I have a fairly good understanding of circuitry.