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psss! can you surprise my dad? please? Answered

Hi everybody,
I discovered that my dad is already a member of instructables! He has been a member for some times, until he recently told me that he is a member... His user name is Zapper, I don't know why he is called him self that, but that is what he choose.

He is still not quite convinced that Instructables is a great site so can yall please greet him a warm welcome to instructables? Please? Heres Zapper.


UPDATE: Don't leave any welcome comments on his orange board, because he deletes them, I don't know why he is doing this.


Theres no comments on his orangeboard, how strange :-S

I have to wait until he is not busy, he is busy all the times...

He is still damn busy! even when he is at home!

I think I am going to email him...

give me his email I got some stuff to get off my chest! >:0

Can you Private Message him? He does not want me to give his email to the world.

I would hope he wouldn't want to give it to the world, too too much spammers...

Just go and sit him down and say "Dad, I need to talk to you"

Do u have Asperger syndrome?

i think this is a setup for something I'll bite whats JUADLOL! mean